ABC Equipment Rental & Sales is helping local contractors get more work done in less time

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The home improvement boom is in full swing and area contractors are searching for the right equipment to help them work fast, efficiently and safely. But with so much demand, equipment shortages are coming. Alan Zatik (left) and Jamie Terpay, co-owners of ABC Equipment Rental & Sales, can help you get the equipment you need ASAP. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mitch Allen

The home improvement boom that began last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic’s stay-at-home orders is showing no signs of slowing in 2021. A deep appreciation for enjoying our homes is now an entrenched, long-term trend, encouraging homeowners to shift resources from travel and recreation to home improvement.

From new roofs and new construction to new additions and creating outdoor resorts, local contractors are working hard to complete so many projects on time and on budget. Of course, one way to improve efficiency, speed and safety on the jobsite is to work smarter—by having the right equipment. But even that is becoming a problem, says Alan Zatik, who along with Jamie Terpay, owns ABC Equipment Rental & Sales.

“Things are going well,” Alan says. “The economy is good, jobs are returning, contractors are hiring, and there is a rush to get equipment. But with so much demand, we’re already seeing shortages and more are coming. So if you need equipment, it’s best to order it as soon as possible. In some cases, there is already a long wait, especially on popular items like RTVs and track loaders.”

Track loaders—or track concrete buggies—run on tracks instead of wheels so they go through the mud better. “And with a rotating bucket, you don’t have to shovel in material,” Alan says. “You rotate and dump right into foundation or footer. Plus, you make fewer runs. It’s all about efficiency.”

Among ABC’s most popular items are manlifts. “With a manlift, you can do five times the work compared to using ladders or scaffolding,” Alan adds. “Manlifts, mobile platforms and booms are the top assets on the jobsite, especially with today’s labor shortage.”

“The Contractor’s Best Friend”
ABC Equipment Rental & Sales sells and rents almost anything a professional contractor needs, including excavators, dozers, backhoes, forklifts and skid steers, but they don’t rent tables, chairs and tents. That would be Alan’s family members over at ABC Rental Center. And while they do rent lawn and garden equipment to homeowners, they specialize in helping professional contractors. And they know the industry.

“Like every other business, contractors want to be profitable, completing each job safely and on schedule,” Alan says. “Every job has a deadline. You want to finish in 60-90 days and get out of there. You don’t want people dilly-dallying on the jobsite. You have a deadline. So, put the ladders away and rent two 60-foot manlifts so you can work both sides of the job. You’ll also need a forklift to get the material where it needs to be.”

Alan adds that many contractors are getting away from backhoe loaders and are going with skid steers and compact excavators instead. “They do less damage, they’re easier to use, they get in tighter places, they’re easier to transport, yet you can still get good dig depth,” Alan says.

If you’re not looking to buy right now—or if what you need is on backorder—you can still to be more efficient and take advantage of the summer weather by renting a skid steer or any other equipment, including earth movers, boom lifts and scissor lifts—affordably.

Alan Zatik (right) and Jamie Terpay, co-owners of ABC Equipment Rental & Sales, have a combined 60 years of experience. They know which brands stand up to the rigors of the jobsite—and which don’t.

ABC sells and/or rents top-quality brands, like Kubota, Genie, JLG, Skyjack, Wacker, Solar-Tech, Towmaster, Stihl, Honda, Mustang, Gehl, and more. With over 60 years of combined experience, Alan and Jamie know which brands work—and which don’t. They are especially proud to be a Kubota dealer, offering construction equipment like skid steers, excavators, wheel loaders, RTVs and rubber track loaders.

“We only offer heavy-duty equipment,” Alan says. “We don’t carry brands that are less than commercial quality. So even if you’re a homeowner, you know you’re getting commercial quality.”

High-quality Maintenance
The staff at ABC has been trained to take incredibly good care of their equipment. In fact, there’s a myth out there that you don’t want to buy used equipment from a rental store because it’s been treated poorly.

However, the opposite is true.

“We’re actually the best place to buy used equipment because we properly maintain it,” Alan assures. “We re-grease our equipment with every rental and we change the oil every 250 hours instead of the 500 suggested by the manufacturer. We go above and beyond the standards for our industry.”

That’s not just Alan’s opinion. ABC Equipment Rental & Sales has won an Award of Excellence from American Rental Association, which recognizes companies that are improving the industry’s image. ABC was tapped for the award based on the professionalism of its staff as well as the store’s layout, quality and appearance.

Easy Financing

Because ABC is locally owned and completely independent, they’re flexible, able to change things for the benefit of the client and get them their equipment faster. In many cases, a portion of your rental can apply to an eventual purchase, with pre-agreed-upon terms.

In addition, ABC works with local banks to help you get financed, and most manufacturers offer their own financing, including Kubota. Right now on brand new equipment, get zero percent interest for 60 months.(1) See the sidebar accompanying this story for the details.

ABC Equipment Rental & Sales has two locations: 29 Pearl Road in Brunswick (corner of Boston & Pearl), 330-220-4545; and at 38525 Chester Road in Avon (corner of Route 90 & Route 611), 440-934-7368. For more information visit