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“I have made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to helping other ambitious women and men break out of their time and money prison and find the freedom to create the life and business they desire.” — Success and Life Coach Harshna Patel

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As a success and life coach, Harshna H. Patel helps people achieve business success and personal fulfillment through the Limited to Limitless online course, one-on-one coaching, speaking engagements and a best-selling book, Cruise Control Your Business: Manage and Lead a Self-Sufficient Team.

The lessons she’s learned over the past 15 years owning three successful retail businesses uniquely qualify Harshna as a professional life and entrepreneur coach. She will lead clients to their optimal success mindset quickly. Harshna is an authentic wise-sage-meets-kick-butt sort of success coach.

She guides you to find a balance between work life and family life to feel more fulfilled and accomplish more in less time by staying focused and organized.

It all began with an “aha” moment
One morning her daughter asked her while she was signing a field trip permission slip why she never volunteers at any school functions. Harshna suddenly realized that she’d never be able to volunteer if she didn’t find a way to stop her work life from overshadowing her family life. After a year of finding balance through goalsetting, she was able to have it all.

Online courses and one-on-one coaching
The Limited to Limitless online courses are designed to help people live the life they’ve always wanted, on their own terms.

Courses include:

• Time Management
• Success Habits
• Money Management and Money Habits.

Whether in-person or virtual, Success & Life Coaching is available in three packages: 10 sessions over three months, 16 sessions over nine months, or 22 sessions over 12 months. The sessions are custom designed to the individual, progress will be evaluated, and “homework” will be assigned. Each package includes the sessions and helpful videos. The program is perfect for people of any age who are seeking to grow and learn.

Harshna arranges Facebook groups that include the people she coaches to continue the growth, development and networking after the sessions have ended.

Book became an internet best-seller
Available on Amazon, Harshna’s book—Cruise Control Your Business: Manage and Lead a Self-Sufficient Team—was an instant best-seller. It covers much of the same wisdom that informs her other programs.

The nine steps in the book include:

• learn the facts of being busy
• identify the delegating tasks
• make time to catch up
• importance of organizing
• form success habits
• long-term goalsetting and why
• exit out of limited beliefs
• stay away from toxic people
• success mindset

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