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Gateway Title Agency in Brecksville, a family owned and operated business, is the preferred provider of title and escrow services for consumers in control of their closings. Where a traditional title company focuses on Realtors and lenders, Gateway focuses on the consumer in “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) transactions.

Gateway Title Agency in Brecksville is a title insurance agency that specializes in working with “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) transactions. Rachel Torchia, owner of Gateway Title Agency, started the company in 1993 after working in the real estate industry as a Realtor, marketer and on the title and escrow side of home sales.

“More and more people are selling their homes without a Realtor, and we are providing an invaluable service by guiding them through the home selling process with our free starter kit and workshops,” says Rachel. “The industry is changing. There has been an increase in FSBO and often to someone you already know, like parent to child or grandchild, neighbor to neighbor, or other word-of-mouth sales. Millennials are also buying more homes than they were, especially more affordable starter homes. We watch the changes and we’re here for you when you’re ready to sell.”

Gateway Title offers a free kit and workshops as a result of over 42 years of experience in the real estate business. The kit provides all of the paperwork and legal documents required for a home sale, along with tips on everything from how to save money on closing costs to appraisals, inspections, warranties and even how to prepare your home to sell faster. Gateway Title does not practice real estate. They help with everything that is required for a successful closing.

“And if you have any questions at all about any part of the process, give me a call,” says Rachel. “I spend most of my day on the phone answering title and escrow questions. If you can’t make it to one of our workshops, make an appointment with me and we’ll go through it together. We are here to help you in the way that’s most convenient for you, and get you through the home selling process painlessly and efficiently.”