Brookway Botanicals

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"Brookway Botanicals was founded in 2021 with a simple mission, to make the highest-quality CBD oil available." —Robert Pavlik

If you are looking for the best natural skin care, Brookway Botanicals has products tailored for your entire body, from Smooth Ear that provides a natural remedy for itchy ears, to Natural Body Balm that also doubles as a natural face moisturizer, to a Roll-on Topical that targets pain anywhere in your body to bring you fast relief.

Incorporating the latest in holistic skin care, including CBD and other powerful ingredients such as aloe vera, all-natural beeswax, vitamin E and shea butter, Brookway Botanicals was developed by an audiologist who suffered from dry ears and eczema and could never find products that worked for him.

So he decided to make his own. And now he is helping others by offering a pioneering product line that can treat the whole body. Use it in your ears. Use it on your hands. Use it on your feet. Use it on your back.

Made in the USA and third party tested, all of the products use the highest quality, natural ingredients. Brookway Botanicals stands by its products and offers 100% back money guarantee.