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A better way to connect with Proper Access

You’ve been lulled into submission. That $50 router has captivated you with its sleek spaceship looks, sexy name and alluring price tag. Who doesn’t want to own an Orbi, an Eero or Asus for less...

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Get military-grade protection with Proper Access and don't let your your router get hacked

If you have a computer and want to connect to the internet, you need a router. Your router is the thing that makes that connection happen. It’s the gateway to the world beyond. The problem is,...

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Ukraine stays connected

On February 24, after Russia invaded Ukraine, Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent Starlink terminals to Ukraine to help combat widespread communications outages. He sent a second batch earlier this month,...

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Smarter homes with Proper Access: Change the way you go online and never settle for bad internet again

Sean O’Brien, Founder of Proper Access While many of the “people” we run across on a day-to-day basis may be questionable, “things” are getting smarter than ever before. Your...

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How to get a smarter home with Proper Access

How do I get a smarter home? That’s a question I get asked all the time. An easy way to start is with a video doorbell. Our video surveillance system monitors your home while you’re...

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