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The Starving Chef Recipe: Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake

I was really craving an apple crisp and decided what better way to eat it than on a delicious cheesecake? With a savory cheesecake base infused with ginger and brown sugar, the apple crisp...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Pretzel Poppers

If there’s one thing many of us Midwesterners love, it’s our German heritage and stuffing things with cheese. My pretzel poppers are filled with a variety of cheeses and, for some added...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Zucchini Boats

My garden is pumping out gigantic zucchini. At three to four pounds each, they are almost bigger than my dog. While smaller zucchinis are preferred for cooking, these enormous zucchinis are...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Black Garlic and Pineapple Stir Fry

I love that black garlic is becoming more mainstream and easily accessible in your average grocery. Whenever I see it at my favorite market, I’m always sure to grab a few heads to ensure I have...

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