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Fitness with punch

For a lot of people, the start of the New Year marks the launch of a new or renewed commitment to diet and exercise. But before you throw your first punch, Evan Daiber, owner of 2 Tone Boxing Club...

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Latkes for Chanukah

Shortly after my husband and I moved into our first home, we decided to host a Chanukah party. Excited about our new, albeit modest, digs and eager to assume the role of grownups, we invited a bevy...

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The etymology of fall

The time of year that we call “fall” or “autumn” was historically referred to as harvest, which reflects our language’s agrarian roots. It’s the time when our ancestors gathered their...

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A Final Thought: If a frog had wings

Some 20 years ago I sat next to a homeless woman while having breakfast at the counter of Dodie’s, a one-time popular diner in the Highland Square neighborhood of Akron. After she shared with me...

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Katy does!

Already a fixture on the Cleveland real estate scene, Katy Dix Brahler of Re/Max is in full-on expansion mode, adding new team members and revving up for a gangbuster winter. In the same measure,...

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