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No-guilt desserts that almost look too good to eat

Categories: Food & Dining

With a decadent look and taste, the scrumptious baked goods at VDessert harken an old world, European bakery feeling.

Luxuriously prepared cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, birthday cakes, mousse cakes, pastries, eclairs, cannoli, cake pops and macaroons taste amazing because they are made from scratch with fresh eggs, butter and cream, the richest chocolates, and pure fruit purees imported from Spain. Everything is organic; there’re no chemicals or preservatives used.

Growing up in a small town in Ukraine, owner Viktoriya Mashevska started baking at age 11 with the cherished set of baking pots her family bought her. She helped her mother in the kitchen and liked to try new recipes printed in their town newspaper. It’s been her passion ever since!

After she moved to the United States with her husband and welcomed two children, fans of her famous desserts encouraged her to share them with others and open her own bakery in 2019 in Strongsville. For Viktoriya, learning new techniques never stops. She’s always taking courses with culinary masters to discover more. Several years ago, she took a special course on macaroons, and now they are one of her most-asked-for treats. You’ll find difficult-to-make desserts here you won’t find anywhere else, such as Napoleon Cake, with layers and layers of puff pastry separated by rich custard cream.

She excels at working with people for customized creations for any special occasion, including cakes and party trays.

As an organic bakery and gluten-free bakery, Viktoriya always finds ways to create sweets that don’t taste like anything is missing, such as her vegan chocolate cake. Using hazelnut and almond flour, she brings depth of flavor.

Once people taste the difference the ingredients make, they usually become regulars, stopping in VDessert several times a week. They enjoy their sweets with coffee on comfy seating in the bakery. People often tell Viktoriya her specialties look too good to eat, but she tells them they’ll get over that after the first bite!