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“Not only was my body transformed, but pushing myself each class with these workouts helped me find myself again, gain confidence and self esteem,” —Casey Wandell, who lost 50 pounds and got in the best shape of his life as a member, before taking his passion to the next level as an instructor and club owner

Inc. magazine named TITLE Boxing Club the #1 fastest growing franchise in America—and here in Ohio, they are some of the best performing clubs in the country, with locations in Cleveland and Columbus.

The concept is to take members through an authentic boxer’s workout, with gloves, bags, combinations, drills and calisthenics. High-energy instructors work with members to master each move throughout the rounds.

What does TITLE Boxing Club offer?
There are four different types of classes: Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength and Mixed Martial Arts.

Boxing — This one-hour, high-intensity, interval training workout sculpts your body and burns mega calories. A trainer will lead you through boxing rounds where you'll deliver jab, cross, hook and uppercut combinations on 100-pound heavy bags.

Kickboxing — The Kickboxing workouts incorporate kicking with punching for a challenging experience. Trainers lead the class to focus on every style of kick, punch or knee during the rounds.

Strength — Forty-five-minute Strength classes feature alternating eight-minute burnout rounds of boxing with kettle bell moves.

Mixed Martial Arts — MMA classes utilize MMA-style bags, which are longer and thinner than a traditional bag and feature handles. Classes blend boxing, kickboxing and ground bag work for the ultimate full-body challenge.

Members report the workouts are “empowering,” “exhilarating” and “addictive.”

In addition to the group classes, TITLE Boxing Clubs offer private and small group training to take the intensity and the technique to the next level.

To keep members looking their best before and after lacing up their gloves, the studios offer a retail area with competition apparel, shirts, shorts, pants and gear.

CLAIM YOUR DEAL: First Class is always FREE! Fill out the form on its website and you will be contacted to schedule your first class.

Call 1-855-BOXING-9, visit TitleBoxingClubPromotions.com/ohio, or follow them on Instagram at #TBCboxCLE for more information.

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