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“Before you climb a ladder and go it alone, call The Gutter Guy. I can clean your gutters or install gutter covers to keep your gutters flowing freely. —Vance Ferrari, owner

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Unclog your gutters and keep the water moving down the spouts and away from your home’s foundation with professional gutter cleaning service. No need to climb a ladder yourself when you call Vance Ferrari, aka The Gutter Guy!

As owner of Northeast Ohio’s most trusted gutter cleaning company and gutter guard company, I handle everything related to this integral component of your home’s exterior— from gutter cleaning, gutter repairs and gutter installation.

Gutter Covers
And to ensure your gutters are free of clogs year-round, I can install gutter covers that will prevent leaves, sticks, bird’s nests, insects, dirt and grime from settling inside your gutters. Unlike most gutter companies that represent one manufacturer, I offer three different styles of gutter guards to give homeowners a broad selection to fit their needs depending on the trees in the yard and the pitch of the roof.

20-Year Warranty
I stand by my work and offer a 20-year warranty on all gutter guards. I manage each project personally and my affordable services are always completed quickly—and cleanly.

Most homeowners usually don’t pay attention to their gutters until the water is overflowing when it rains, which can mean that the water has already wreaked havoc on your home’s interior and exterior. So call us today for gutter cleaning or to schedule gutter guard installation to keep your gutters flowing freely.

The Gutter Guy keeps your gutters flowing freely by offering cleaning, screening and protection. Call 330-220-2240 or email any day of the week for a free estimate. The Gutter Guy accepts cash and check only.