Precision Orthopaedic Specialties

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“We do it all. For example, we have our own physical therapists who have direct access to our physicians. At any time, they can walk down the hall and ask a doctor to join them with a patient. There is no delay in time. You don’t have to make another appointment somewhere else. You don’t have to drive across town.” — Dr. Gregory Sarkisian, president of Precision Orthopaedic Specialties

Since 1996, Precision Orthopaedic Specialties has put together the collective talents of a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

Whether you suffer from pain or stiffness in the shoulders, knees, neck, back or elbows, or a concussion, these orthopedic doctors, surgeons and sports medicine physicians treat the musculoskeletal system via a progressive spectrum of surgical and non-surgical methods.

An Umbrella of Comprehensive Specialties

Areas of care include:
• orthopedics
• physical therapy
• podiatry
• orthopaedic surgery
• spine surgery
• hand surgery
• chiropractic care
• joint replacement
• pain management for injuries or disease
• hyaluronic acid (HA) lubricant injections
• natural joint supplements
• sports medicine
• strength training

To get athletes back on the field safely, as well as help with concussion diagnosis and management—they founded the Concussion Institute.

Thanks to advances in technology, nowadays patients can undergo a joint replacement surgery and be walking within three hours and back home that night.

Making the treatment process convenient to the patient is important to these practitioners, so they’ve brought in all the latest technology in medical imaging, including x-rays, ultrasound and MRI, within four locations in Chardon, Auburn, Middlefield and Beachwood.

If the staff seems energetic, caring, and happy to be there, don’t be surprised. Precision Orthopaedic Specialties was recognized by The Cleveland Plain Dealer as a Top Workplace in 2019.

The Practice Offers: • Advanced treatment for orthopaedic conditions of the spine and joints • Cutting-edge physical therapy and non-surgical treatments • Sports Medicine including concussion diagnosis and management • Advanced digital x-ray • State-of-the-art MRI • Four convenient locations: Chardon, Middlefield, Auburn, Beachwood • Physical therapy facilities at each location

Synergistic team members include:

Gregory C. Sarkisian, D.O.
Laszlo S. Harmat, D.O.
Albert S. M. Dunn, D.O.
Michael J. Kellis, D.O.
George J. Kellis, M.D.
Kraig K. Solak, D.O.
Mark J. Mendeszoon, D.P.M.
Jamie DelVecchio, D.O.
Brian Filisky, D.C.