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If you can move, you can improve!”

My Personal Trainer studios help clients maximize the quality of their health, wellness and fitness. Part one-on-one personal training, part private gym with advanced exercise equipment—the purpose-driven program transforms clients’ quality of life.

The highly educated and certified trainers provide motivation, support and accountability, in a relaxed and friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere.

The family-owned and operated studios specialize in a strength training program that’s easy on the budget and busy clients’ schedules. They provide amazing results with just two, 20-minute workouts per week, by appointment only. Ample recovery time between sessions helps the muscles to rebuild. The high-tech equipment produces maximum muscle exertion in the shortest amount of time. Movements are slow, safe, controlled. With MPT, you get all the benefits of a private fitness trainer, at a fraction of the cost, up to 70% less.

The program is geared toward progressively building lean muscle, shedding fat, losing weight and offers a host of other benefits such as boosting metabolism and building bone density, flexibility and balance.

They work with all ages and capabilities, with every range of functionality, including those who suffer from prior conditions such as: • fibromyalgia

• arthritis
• cancer
• multiple sclerosis
• diabetes

The studios also offer nutritional counseling to spur clients’ progress. Daily food journaling and portion control are pillars of the program.

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