Moral Medical Justification

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Dr. BJ. Sidari went from being a medical marijuana critic to one of its most passionate supporters. Here’s how she can help you get the treatment you need—today.

Dr. Sidari, the founder of Moral Medical Justification, in Willoughby Hills, has her Certificate to Recommend (CTR) from the State Medical Board of Ohio. This means she can recommend medical cannabis to patients with one of 21 qualifying conditions (see list below).

“There is evidence that cannabis can help as many as 400 different conditions, but the State of Ohio has approved its use for only 21 of them,” she says. “If you have a diagnosis from a physician that includes one of these conditions, we can likely help you get the treatment you need.”

There are countless types and combinations of medical marijuana, including many that produce no psychoactive effects. That is, they don’t make you “high.” Others contain THC which may produce psychoactive effects and are used to treat cancer along with several other conditions.

In Ohio, it is still against the law to smoke marijuana—even medical marijuana—but there are plenty of other delivery methods, depending on your unique condition and lifestyle. These include tinctures, edibles, oils, capsules, pills and topicals. “Vaping is also an option,” she adds. “It differs from smoking in that it employs at much lower temperatures, is easier on the body, provides more consistent results, and has less impact on the environment, meaning you’re not filling your house with smoke.”

The Moral Medical Justification clinic is licensed to recommend medical marijuana and their staff will also provide you with a list of Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary locations, including one located just three miles away so you can begin treatment the same day.

Do You Qualify?
Certified physicians like Dr. BJ. Sidari may recommend medical marijuana only for the treatment of a qualifying medical condition. Under Ohio law, all of the following are qualifying medical conditions:

• Alzheimer’s disease
• amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
• cancer
• chronic traumatic encephalopathy
• epilepsy or another seizure disorder
• fibromyalgia
• glaucoma
• hepatitis C
• inflammatory bowel disease:Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis
• multiple sclerosis
• pain that is either intractable or chronic and severe
• Parkinson’s disease
• positive status for HIV
• post-traumatic stress disorder
• sickle cell anemia
• spinal cord disease or injury
• Tourette’s syndrome
• traumatic brain injury

Moral Medical Justification is located at 34950 Chardon Road, Building 2, Suite 101, in Willoughby Hills. For more information, please call 440-510-8470. The website is

Dr. Sidari also recommends the following websites for more information:, and