I Perform Fitness

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“As a lifelong athlete, coach and trainer, it’s been a dream of mine to open a facility. I’m passionate about youth development, athlete development as well as helping anyone of any age be their best. Developing the best version of ourselves is the hardest path any of us will ever face. I find out what’s important to people and encourage them every step of the way.” — Jordan Taylor, founder, I Perform Fitness

Certified personal trainer Jordan Taylor founded I Perform Fitness in Wickliffe to specialize in strength training, agility training, speed training and performance training.

Whether you are an elite high school or college athlete, busy working parent, or grandmother, Jordan’s training experience will give you whatever is needed—from flexibility and balance, to range of motion, coordination and strength—to help you perform at your peak.

Pinpointing your goals, mapping out a fitness plan
During an initial consultation, clients receive free body-fat percentage analysis, an individualized fitness plan, guided coaching and additional nutritional coaching developed from their specific DNA.

Advanced training equipment such as resistance bands, weights, agility harnesses, hurdles and plyometric boxes keep workouts fresh and fun.

Jordan’s passion lies in surrounding clients with positivity and helping them forge healthy life-long habits to accomplish anything they desire.

In addition to one-on-one general sessions and sports-specific training for athletes, his expanded offerings include:

• boot camp-style HIIT group classes
• corporate training sessions
• special programs for kids and adults with disabilities called SuperHero Fitness
• team training available during the OHSAA or SCAA mandatory dead period
• An app for busy and traveling clients with workouts customized to them available anytime, anywhere on-demand.

He has worked as strength and conditioning coach for Lake Erie College’s baseball team, as well as Euclid High School, as well as many other sports organizations around the Cleveland area.