Hunan Solon

Hunan Solon Mimi Deal

Categories: Eastside Food & Dining

“This is authentic Chinese food you can’t find anywhere else in Cleveland, except Asia Town,” says Rachel Wung, Hunan’s manager. “We emphasize fresh vegetables that we steam, instead of deep frying, because our customers care about their health. We use only small amounts of oil in our preparation. Our fried rice is all natural and doesn’t contain any artificial coloring.”

Health-conscious diners may choose from a wide variety of vegetarian dishes listed on the menu, or request any meal be prepared 100 percent vegetarian or gluten-free. Whole-grain brown rice is available for those who prefer it over white rice.

Special sauces, which are made in-house, also emphasize fresh ingredients. One of Rachel’s favorites is a sweet egg roll sauce that melds mashed apples, oranges and peaches with honey and ginger.