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“We’re a one-stop shop for floor-to-ceiling garage enhancement and renovation. When people see what we can do, they see their garage in a whole new light.” –Mike Padden, owner

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You would be hard-pressed to find many people who would admit that the garage is their favorite room in the house. Garages are dirty and disorganized and serve one purpose only: storage. But almost a decade ago, EncoreGarage Founder Mike Padden saw immense potential in garages. 

It all started when he set out to organize and improve his own garage. The stunning results inspired him to start his own business helping families across Northeast Ohio take full advantage of this often overlooked room in their home. Today, Encore Garage has renovated more than 1,000 garages in the Akron/Cleveland area.

Your garage may very well may be the largest room in your home. Transforming your garage into a spacious, relaxing spot can be more affordable than you may think.

Through decorative floor coatings and high-quality “garage-grade” storage cabinets and organizers, his specialists are helping homeowners to see their garage as not only one of the most functional rooms in the house—but as one of the most inviting as well.

Encore’s Flex-Core advanced polyaspartic floor coating not only beautifies your garage floor, but also protects it from damage.

EncoreGarage of Ohio is located at 1570 Akron Peninsula Road, Suite 6, in Akron. You can call Encore at 330-922-4411 to schedule a free on-site consultation, or visit EncoreGarageOhio.com.