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Dr Lisa Slodov
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“Begin your journey to beautiful, smooth skin for a lifetime” —Lisa Slodov, RN, MSN, ND; owner

Your journey to beautiful, smooth skin starts at Discreet Laser Solutions, where we specialize in hair removal.

Under the direction of a medical professional, we use advanced laser technology to offer exceptional hair removal results to clients with a variety of skin tones. What makes us so special? Unlike many of the large national chains, we take pride in individualized, discreet service. We schedule extra time for each appointment so you never have to wait for your treatment and you are the only client in the office. Now that is personalized service!

After just a few monthly pain-free hair removal procedures, your skin will be free of unsightly red bumps and smooth in those hard-to-reach areas. And the best thing: no more waxing or plucking.

From facial hair removal to bikini hair removal to full body hair removal, our discreet hair removal services are gentle, safe and effective—and affordable when compared to other dermatology offices and medispas because we keep our costs down by focusing only on professional hair removal.

Our professional laser hair removal specialist will discuss your specific needs and goals and you will benefit from:

  • flexible day/evening appointments
  • no waiting time for your treatment
  • personal, discreet service

Call us for a free consultation to find out how laser hair removal can improve your skin and result in permanent hair removal. Go ahead and throw out your razor. You will never have to shave again!