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“My mission is to connect people back to the world around them and enjoy every moment!” — Dr. Jane Kukula, Discount Hearing Aids

Discount Hearing Aids is an online store that offers easy access to affordable hearing aids, hearing devices, and accessories.

To fit all levels of hearing loss, they carry traditional hearing aids and over the counter aids, from barely detectable models to invisible hearing aids.

Premium Digital Hearing Aids from Phonak
Premium, traditional aids are custom fit to each patient following a hearing test. For a clear, rich sound experience, the store sells the next level of digital hearing instruments—rechargeable Phonak Audeo Marvel aids.

They come with a one-year warranty and an online support service bundle that includes three sessions over 45 days. Support services include real-time device adjustments for fine-tuning with video sessions. They take place via any smartphone or tablet, from the comfort of your home.

The process includes:

• an initial telephone session to provide instruction and training, and to set up the MyPhonak app for future remote sessions
• a remote session for fine-tuning and further video instruction and demonstration
• a remote session for fine-tuning and outcomes measures
• the 45-day period starts the day of the first telephone session
• all sessions must be used within the 45-day period
• patients can purchase extended support services

To complement the remote service, Discount Hearing Aids has also partnered with an audiology practice based in Mentor, Ohio, to perform the initial testing and any other services you’d prefer in-person.

Over-the-Counter Aids for Noise Amplification
For milder to moderate high-frequency hearing loss, they also offer over-the-counter hearing aids that are preset with three or four volume levels. Unlike traditional aids, a hearing test is not needed.

After you place your online order, the aids will be shipped directly to you.

The audiologists at Discount Hearing Aids are passionate about giving people choices and accessibility to the latest technological advances to take care of their hearing.

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