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“Paving the way, with artistic concrete designs.”

If you are looking to repair, preserve or enhance your concrete floor surfaces, Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete does it all.

We apply epoxy coatings on concrete garage floors and basement floors and outside on driveways and patios, as well as in retail and commercial buildings. Plus, we can handle concrete repairs.

Durable Epoxy Coatings
Serving both residential and commercial clients, we use industrial-grade epoxy floor materials—even in homes. Our epoxy coatings don’t just lie on top of the concrete. They harden and bond with the structural composition inside the concrete for an unmatched level of durability.

Ideal for garage remodeling, our garage floor coating system creates an impermeable barrier between the concrete and anything that comes in contact with it.

We do not use porous material that allows fluids to seep in like it can on nature stone epoxy floors.

We properly repair concrete before applying a protective finish rather than just covering up problems. Our focus is on the top-shelf performance of floors, not just making them look pretty.

Cleanup of epoxy garage floors is as easy as turning on the hose or using a damp mop.

Artistic Concrete Design
Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete also paves the way, with artistic concrete design. Our in-house artists can design custom floors, which replicate marble-veining or expensive natural stone, as well as themed artwork and corporate logos.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our floors, which is unmatched in the concrete epoxy industry. Our surfaces will look beautiful for years to come, guaranteed!