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“Crystal Clinic QuickCare offers significantly shorter wait times, and is insurance-friendly and less expensive than an emergency room or general urgent care visit.” — Curtis Noel, M.D., Medical Director of Crystal Clinic QuickCare

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A sensible alternative to emergency rooms and urgent care centers, Crystal Clinic QuickCare offers same-day, no-appointment access to orthopaedic care.

We treat joint, muscle and bone-related injuries, such as breaks, sprains, strains and minor lacerations on a walk-in basis for patients ages 5 years and older.

Our facilities have complete diagnostic capabilities, including X-ray and MRI, and access to Crystal Clinic’s nationally renowned orthopaedic physician specialists. Crystal Clinic QuickCare is also part of many employer healthcare programs and accepts virtually all major insurances.

Reduced patient exposure to contagious illnesses

Unlike an ER or urgent care, Crystal Clinic QuickCare does not provide care for any illnesses—only orthopaedic injuries— thus reducing patients’ exposure to those who may be contagious.

Same-day, immediate orthopaedic care helps patients avoid crowds, wait times and exposure often found in hospital emergency rooms.

Especially at this time of heightened awareness and vigilance, Crystal Clinic QuickCare can help reduce your exposure to infectious illnesses and is in strict compliance with Covid-19 safety measures.

Convenient locations in Northeast Ohio

Crystal Clinic QuickCare has four convenient locations with extended evening and weekend hours to best serve you and your family.