Cleveland Nutrition: David Gutman, MD

Gutman Staff
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A dietary approach to medical care.

Take a dietary approach to your medical care at Cleveland Nutrition. Led by David Gutman, M.D., a board-certified internal medicine doctor, the nutrition and wellness center is a place where we help you reverse your chronic diseases by using food as medicine.

By helping you change your diet to a more natural, whole food, plant-based diet, we remove underlying disease triggers and activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Weight normalizes, energy improves, pain resolves, and medications can often be eliminated.

Disease Reversal
We reshape false perceptions that chronic diseases are inevitable and irreversible. Rather, we empower patients through nutrition counseling by demonstrating how many diseases are acquired through unhealthy choices and can be reversed.

Much more than a nutritionist, our board-certified physician has studied of how foods affect diseases and develops customized nutrition plans for each patient, whether an anti-diabetes diet, an anti-heart disease diet or one to help treat other diseases.

Longevity-Promoting Diet
Unlike most weight loss centers, our focus is on health. We encourage a longevity-promoting diet, in which weight loss becomes automatic. No gimmicks or tricks; just improving your health will normalize your weight.

We educate you, motivate you, and support you at every step. We can help you break food addictions, change your mindset, and truly enjoy eating healthy. With daily online private coaching, regular progress visits with our nurse at our nutrition center, an extensive recipe collection, and much more, we personally commit ourselves to your success.

You can do it, and we can help you. Take back control of your health today.