Chowder House Cafe

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“It’s very casual, and very laid back. You can come in and get a bowl of chowder or a full meal. I don’t think anyone leaves feeling unsatisfied.” —Louis Prpich, chef & owner

Categories: Food Greater Akron

Artistic Interior

In addition to delicious food, the biggest thing guests notice about The Chowder House are the walls covered in artwork. The interior design is credited to Jimmy Van Hoose, a former tenant of the building. While dining, guests can spot multicolored flowers and jungle settings from the comfort of their tables.

Casual and Fine Dining
The menu at The Chowder House offers a wide variety of choices. Beyond the signature chowder, you can also enjoy a bowl of pasta or salad. For ladies night or date night, feel free to bring your own bottle of wine along to dinner. The Chowder House offers a beach-like experience for diners, providing outstanding seafood dishes at reasonable prices.

A Fun Summer-Destination All Year Long
While it may not be the same as visiting a white sandy beach, The Chowder House provides a similar experience. Fresh seafood dishes taste like those you’ve enjoyed by the seashore, and in warm weather, the outdoor patio provides a terrific place to catch some rays while eating. With its laid-back atmosphere, The Chowder House’s patio is a perfect place to wear your flip-flops and sunglass.