Acclaim Renovations & Design

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“Having a remodel done, having your home torn apart by people you don’t know, is like having major surgery. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure people are comfortable with us and our level of professionalism. We reassure and take the fear away.” — Bob Gallese, owner, Acclaim Renovations and Design

Acclaim Renovations and Design brings dream living spaces to life by tapping into its knowledge and 20+ years’ experience specializing in interior and exterior renovations, including luxury kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling and additions. With each renovation, the team makes the experience positive and stress-free, from selecting flooring and cabinetry, to making the installation process a smooth one from beginning to end.

Each Job is One of a Kind
The firm evolved from One Man and a Hammer into a team of imaginative designers and highly skilled master craftsmen. Their reputation for honesty, reliability and innovation means that each renovation is one of a kind. Details make the difference when the best designs come together, and they are sticklers for getting the smallest details right.

When it comes to kitchen design and bathroom design, the team is adept at coming up with creative bells and whistles to add style and functionality.

They begin with in-depth information-gathering to ensure they can provide clients with a finished space that’s a true reflection of their style and lifestyle needs.

Their proprietary 5-Step Process includes:
• Initial questionnaire
• In-home consultation
• Project review
• Upon approval to move forward, an invitation is sent to join the communication app Co-Construct
• Coordinate start dates

Keeping Real-time Record of a Job 24/7
Realizing that communication is key, Acclaim is one of the few remodelers in the area to offer Co-Construct, a 24/7 web-based communication app. Every point person from Acclaim Renovation and the clients are part of the conversation. Questions can be asked at any time and the history of the job is all recorded on Co-Construct, including product and design selections.

Every renovation has its challenges along the way, and that’s where these folks shine. They thrive on coming up with thoughtful solutions to problems.

Their expansive showroom includes thousands of samples of cabinets, flooring, countertops, plumbing fixtures and hardware.