9Round Fitness

9 Round Hit

Personal trainer and certified stunt man Steven Madden has been set on fire, jumped off of buildings and often gets into sword fights. The workouts at his 9Round Fitness gym, he promises, aren’t quite that extreme.But, he insists, they do burn fat, improve stamina and make his clients feel better.

The 9Round workout is based on the conditioning done by kick boxers. Participants rotate through a series of nine rounds for three minutes each.“The whole workout takes only 30 minutes with no class times,” Steven explains. “It is intense, but fun. At the end of nine rounds, a woman will typically burn 250 to 350 calories and men can burn up to 550 calories.”

The fitness center contains nine stations, each of which focuses on a theme, such as strength, kicks and punches, and abs and core conditioning. A member does each activity—which change daily—for three minutes, then, after a 30-second rest, moves on to the next “round.”

Along with the workouts, a 9Round membership includes gloves, wrist wraps, and a personalized nutrition program.