When it comes to concrete, go with a pro

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Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete owner Greg Mata uses only the best practices and products available for cleaning and sealing concrete. His unique industry knowledge is backed by 23 years of experience. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

“We specialize in concrete surfaces,” says Greg Mata, owner of Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete, the Richfield-based company he founded 23 years ago.

“We understand the science of concrete, how it responds to the environment and what can make or break a concrete surface in the Akron/Cleveland area. We know how to install it, repair it and maintain it—better than anyone.”

So when it comes to cleaning your home’s concrete surfaces, like a patio or driveway, why wouldn’t you tap into the expertise of a team of experts who live and breathe concrete all day, every day? 

“Power washing companies know how to connect hoses and turn on the machines they use. Beyond that, do they really have the expert level of understanding required to ensure your concrete is not only properly cleaned but also professionally sealed and any necessary repairs addressed?” Greg asks. “I would argue they don’t.”

That’s why the value of a professional concrete cleaning and sealing from Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete is so significant.


“Our process starts with an in-person inspection of your concrete surfaces,” Greg explains.

“We take a number of different factors into consideration before cleaning begins. Things like the age of the concrete, the condition, the type of finish, and the compatibility of prior sealers used, are all assessed. We look for any cracks, chips or spalling in the concrete and discuss those issues with the homeowners so they can determine which course of action is best for them to take. If they’re open to making the necessary repairs, we can handle them—no matter what the scope or size. They don’t have to call another company in to do the work.”

Cutting Edge specializes in cleaning, sealing, repairing and installing concrete and is an area leader when it comes to stains, overlays and advanced epoxy coatings to finish and repair surfaces like driveways, basements, patios and garage floors—residentially and commercially. Greg and his team can work within the parameters of what’s already there, can expand and update your concrete along with cleaning and sealing, as you choose.


Only after a careful evaluation of your concrete surfaces has been completed, and any necessary repairs addressed, does the cleaning begin.

“You can’t just do the same thing on every job,” Greg stresses. “Every home is different.”

Within the micro-pores of your concrete, things like dirt, oil, airborne debris, road salt, automotive chemicals and other contaminants live. All of these can contribute to a significantly shorter lifespan if not removed properly then prevented from returning. Once these contaminants have been removed, a professional-grade sealer is applied to fill in those micro-pores and keep things like water, dirt and fluids from penetrating.

“The professional-grade products we use are not the same kind you can buy at the store, or the same kind the others guys use,” Greg underscores.

“Sealer comes in different quality levels. For example, our sealers contain higher levels of solids in their chemistry, so they last longer. Other places use sealers with more solvents, which means they go on as a thin film and have a shorter lifespan. With our products, you’ll get three or more years out of the application, which is a pretty nice return on your investment.”


“What we do goes far beyond what others can offer,” Greg adds.

“And as with all things, you get what you pay for. By tapping into the expertise of a concrete professional, you’ll not only get a better end result, you’ll also get a service that’s backed by many years of training and industry knowledge.”

Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete is located at 4767 Brecksville Road in Richfield. The phone number is 330-659-6686. For project ideas and inspiration, visit MyConcreteFloor.com. Showroom hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; and Saturday and evenings by appointment. Find them on Facebook at Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete.