Try making a little wine

Homemade Wine Kit
Wine-making kits are a perfect gift.

By Mary Malik

A nice bottle of wine presented in a festive holiday gift bag is certainly one way to go for the wine lover on your gift list. But if you’re looking for something a little different, there are also dozens of books available on wine, wine regions around the world, wine and food pairings and other topics. A wine-themed experience may be just the thing to take your gift giving to another level.

“During this prolonged public health crisis of Covid-19, many of us are looking for new hobbies,” says Jim Sperk of the Northern Ohio Wine Guild. “Since we may be drinking more wine, some might be interested in trying their hand at making it. One gift idea is a certificate for a winemaking kit.”

Jim says there are many kits available at different price points, and they are simple enough to turn any beginner into a winemaker by converting grape or fruit juice to wine.

“Other kits are a bit more complex and include quality concentrated grape varieties from California, Australia, Argentina or Italy,” says Jim. “Kits at every level include detailed instructions to produce up to 30 bottles of wine in as little as six weeks.”

If winemaking at home seems a little too overwhelming, another suggestion is to schedule a session at one of the brew-on-premises winemaking facilities in the area.

“These shops have all of the components, equipment and expertise to convert any novice into a fledgling winemaker,” says Jim. “It’s something fun to do together that, who knows, could develop into a new passion. Check online for classes near you and get started on your new hobby.”

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