The reinvigorated OsteoStrong in Chardon now offers even more health and wellness options

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Chardon’s freshly remodeled OsteoStrong studio has augmented its offerings to now include red light therapy and cryotherapy. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

The newly renovated OsteoStrong studio in Chardon has expanded its wellness offerings over the past several months, augmenting the new Spectrum system to build a stronger musculoskeletal system, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and hydromassage with red light therapy and cryotherapy.

“Our goal is to reverse and prevent bone loss while boosting overall wellness,” says Stacie Bower, who, along with her husband, Van, owns the cutting-edge studio. Clients’ stories are pretty amazing, from finally finding relief from back or joint pain and arthritis, to seeing a dramatic turnaround in their strength and bone density numbers.

Boosting Your Cell Energy
According to Crystal Mackar, who came to OsteoStrong first as a member then as a manager, the novel therapies have shown improvement in folks from high school athletes to those with ailments such as osteoporosis.

“Red light therapy affects the skin, diminishing wrinkles and age spots, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis while also boosting collagen production,” she says. “And our targeted, hand-held cryotherapy equipment penetrates deeply into hard and soft tissue to speed healing and recovery time.”

OsteoStrong stories are pretty amazing, from finally finding relief from back or joint pain and arthritis, to seeing a dramatic turnaround in their bone density numbers. Pictured from left to right: Susan Wayne, Patty Stockhaus, OS trainer Crystal Mackar, Zoran Vujakliya, Denise Mackar and OS co-owner Stacie Bower.

Meet Susan, Zoran, Patty and Denise
Susan Wayne is a super busy mom and owner of a computer hardware company who enjoys horseback riding and is a black belt. Earlier this spring—when she tore both plantar tendons—she really didn’t have time for the projected 18-month healing process.

“When Van and Stacie told me that a combination of cryo and red light therapy might help, addressing both the short-term pain and long-term healing, I was skeptical. Being a research person, I delved into all the studies and decided to give it a try. My podiatrist said the healing was unbelievable, much faster and better than we could have expected,” Susan shares.

Susan says she sees OsteoStrong as a wellness center, noting that she also has noticed a reduction in arthritis pain along with better flexibility.

Zoran Vujakliya is a junior at Chardon High School who plays backup quarterback and safety. Breaking his collarbone in week one of the season was an unexpected setback, but he refused to let it keep him on the sideline.

“A friend of mine who tore his MCL told me about OsteoStrong and his success here, so I booked an appointment for red light and cryotherapy,” Zoran says. “My goal was to get back on the field as quickly as possible, and I could feel these treatments strengthening my shoulder. The doctors were blown away when they saw how well the healing was progressing.”

A combination of red light therapy and cryotherapy has helped get Zoran Vujakliya (left) back on the football field.
As a secondary benefit to cryo, Denise uses the wand on her face and has seen a smoothing of wrinkles, minimized age spots and more firmness.

He got back on the field for a few plays during the playoffs and said he felt strong and plans to continue with the workouts and treatments to help prevent future injuries.

(Footnote: The day after I sat down with Zoran, the team had quite a comeback of its own, firing up a thrilling win in double overtime to claim its first state championship since 1994. Go Hilltoppers.)

When Patty Stockhaus received the diagnosis of Osteoporosis in 2016, she says she was scared, and began to fear falling and the increase in broken bones that might mean.

“I love to work outside in my garden and around the house, so I began taking osteoporosis medications right away,” she says. “But then I started having side effects, such as discomfort in my jaw, so I researched other effective treatments for Osteoporosis that didn’t involve medication. OsteoStrong had so many positive online reviews, I thought I’d give it a try.”

She began weekly workouts in 2017.

Between 2016 and 2018, her bone density test showed marked improvement, showing an increase of 2.2% density value in the spine and 4.8 value in the hips.

“In addition to peace of mind, I felt a lot more energy after coming here,” she says. “Those everyday aches and pains went away.”

Susan’s podiatrist said the healing is much faster and better than expected on her torn plantar tendons. She visits OsteoStrong for red light and cryo therapies.

After a fall seven years ago that injured her left hip, avid runner and busy grandmother Denise Mackar was still having pain.

“I like to work out six to seven days a week, and babysit my grandchildren a lot,” says Denise, who also suffers from osteoporosis. “The nagging pain was really bothering me. After the cryotherapy, exercise on the machines and soothing hydromassage table, I noticed an improvement. Now I can run longer and feel stronger. In addition to targeting my hip with cryo, I also use the wand on my face and have seen a smoothing of wrinkles, minimized age spots and more firmness.”

OsteoStrong is located at 520 Fifth Avenue, Suite 6, in Chardon. The studio sanitizes equipment between sessions, deep-cleans daily, staggers appointments for social distancing and requires masks. Call 440-286-1488 or visit for more information.