The new baseball through the window

Drones used for business or pleasure can create liability.

By Seth Zaremba, Zinc Insurance

Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane—it’s a drone! 

From backyards to places of business, drones are everywhere these days. Parents are buying them for their kids to fly around the neighborhood, and business owners are harnessing the marketing power drones present to do everything from sell real estate to quote the cost of a new roof. 

But what happens when your kid is flying his drone over the neighbor’s yard and it hits the house? You might call that the modern day equivalent of a baseball through the window. And what if you also use that drone for business? Could your livelihood be in jeopardy?

With technology changing by the day, it’s important to make sure your insurance policy keeps up with the pace. A lot of policies are starting to exclude drones, and no policy covers you for the invasion of privacy a drone may represent. 

Let’s sit down and have an intelligent conversation about your current insurance coverage, and whether or not you’re protected for the way you’re using new and emerging technologies.

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