The gift of a clean home from Heavenly Touch Maids

Heavenly Touch
Heavenly Touch Maids gift certificates are popular as holiday gifts, but the company can also help you get your home ready for the holidays by cleaning dust, grease, grime, mud, salt, pet hair, cobwebs—and germs

By Mimi Vanderhaven

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone who doesn’t need any more “stuff,” here’s an idea: give them the gift of a professionally cleaned home from Heavenly Touch Maids. This gift is far more than a clean home; it’s the gift that money can’t buy:


“The holidays are all about spending time with family,” explains Heavenly Touch’s Rebecca Manion, who will likely be the person you speak with when you call. “No one wants to spend precious family time cleaning the house. We sell a lot of gift certificates this time of year. The recipients love them and the gift giver gets to be a hero.”

Now is also a good time to engage Heavenly Touch for yourself. Your family expects a beautifully decorated home for the holidays, but they also expect dinner, clean laundry and a clean house. So how do you get it all done and still make all of your kids’ or grandkids’ holiday activities? The answer is simple: It’s okay to ask for help. After all, you don’t want to spend your valuable Saturdays in December vacuuming, dusting, mopping and cleaning toilets.

Keeping Your Family Safe
Heavenly Touch Maids is a 12-year-old company employing over 30 professionally-trained maids who have cleaned thousands of Greater Akron homes. They can tackle a build-up of dust, grease, grime, mud, salt, pet hair and cobwebs, while you’re doing holiday shopping or enjoying your kid’s Christmas recital. But a clean home is about more than appearance; it’s a matter of health and safety.

“Now is the time when families start getting sick,” says Rebecca. “As all parents know, kids are total germ factories. They bring all kinds of viruses and bacteria into the home. A regular, weekly cleaning can eliminate illness-spreading bacteria and keep your family healthy, safe and active.”

And Heavenly Touch does it all (without all of the drama of asking your kids to help). “We clean virtually everything—from kitchen cabinets and appliances to furniture, wall art and shelving, to toilets, showers and baseboards,” Rebecca says. “We clean kitchen and bathroom floors on our hands and knees. The rest of the house we use a mop unless specifically requested.”

And when you give a Heavenly Touch gift certificate, your gift recipient enjoys this same level of professionalism. “Imagine walking in the door to a clean house,” Rebecca adds. “It’s joyous. That’s what our gift certificates are all about.”

Professional Teams
Heavenly Touch Maids arrive in teams of two, including a team leader who oversees the job. The pair divides and conquers so they can do a professional job without being in your home all day. Working in teams also allows furniture to be moved safely, if required.

“Our employees undergo a comprehensive training program, including how to properly dust and vacuum,” explains Heavenly Touch owner Rick Winrod. “Plus, we have weekly refresher training so we stay on top of the industry.”

Unlike other companies that pay maids a percentage of the job, Heavenly Touch offers a competitive hourly wage so there is no incentive to rush. “Our teams are professional, diligent and flexible,” adds Rick. “We can handle your weekly cleaning, plus pay special attention to areas that you request.”

Has your child been sick? Post-illness cleanings are also a good idea. Some bacteria—like those that cause strep throat and ear infections—can live outside of the body for long periods of time.

The Heavenly Touch Maids staff has long-term tenure and gets rave reviews. “Every day I get text messages complimenting the work we do,” Rebecca smiles. “But I like it best when a client tells me how thrilled they are to have received one of our gift certificates as a gift.”

Heavenly Touch Maids serves all of Greater Akron. For more information about purchasing a holiday cleaning gift certificate or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, call 330-929-3410. The company maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. For more information, visit The company’s regular cleaning service is surprisingly affordable.