The business of foot health

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​Drs. Kevin Kane and Elizabeth Baracz, of Kane Podiatry, treat the complete gamut of foot ailments such as hammertoe, flat foot, sprains/strains, diabetic foot care, infections, heel pain, and every other issue surrounding foot health.​ (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Beth Newcomb

The average person will take about 216,262,500 steps over the course of a lifetime, the equivalent of walking around the Earth’s equator five times. So you may wish to show your tootsies a little respect and consideration.

“Remember that old song about the foot bone being connected to the ankle bone?” asks Dr. Kevin Kane, founder of Kane Podiatry.

“Well, it speaks volumes, as your feet are closely associated to the health and wellness of your entire body. They provide a strong and healthy foundation. We often find a patient suffering from foot problems that are triggering other symptoms, such as leg or back pain. And, conversely, foot problems are the end result of another underlying condition, such as diabetes or heart conditions.”

Kane Podiatry treats the complete gamut of foot ailments affecting all ages, from small children to seniors, such as hammertoe, flat foot, sprains/strains, diabetic foot care, infections, heel pain, bunions, dermatitis, plantar warts, tendonitis and every other issue surrounding foot health, whether through treatment or surgery.

His Father’s Footsteps
Dr. Kevin grew up watching his father, John “Doc” Kane, who was also a podiatrist, treat his patients like family. And that’s the mission Dr. Kevin vowed to uphold when opening his own practice in 1987, moving to Seven Hills nine years ago.


When Dr. Kane asked Dr. Elizabeth Baracz to join the practice a decade ago to keep up with the growing patient load, he says it was because of her specialized surgical training as well as her “exceptional people skills, kindness and compassion.”

And that shines clearly when she talks about what she likes best about her job.

“Interacting with the patients in a meaningful way has always been what I love about being a podiatrist,” she says. “The stories the patients tell are so special. I enjoy getting to know their stories, as well as their families.”

Laser Treatment Ends Fungus 
Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infection of the nail and occasionally the surrounding tissue that affects about 20 percent of the general population and 75 percent of people over 60 years old.

“Although this common problem begins as a cosmetic concern, with yellowing and thickening of the nail, it can worsen to cause pain and lead to infections of the skin as well,” says Dr. Baracz. “Sadly, we often see patients who let this go, getting to the point that wearing shoes and walking becomes painful.”

She says patients try the many over-the-counter creams and ointments, but they are not effective treatment options. And though an oral medication is available, that comes with numerous side effects.

To provide the most effective treatment to their patients, the doctors introduced the FDA-approved Q-Clear Laser.

“We use a handheld laser to deliver short bursts of intense laser energy to precisely target the fungus and kill it,” she says. “The painless procedure is nearly always effective and takes one or two treatments.”

Aligning the Feet, Aligning the Body
Helping patients perfect their feet and posture through custom molded orthotics is a specialty at Kane Podiatry.

“Everyone has their own unique feet, gait and leg lengths,” says Dr. Kane. “We prescribe, design and build orthotic insoles engineered to restore foot function, reduce pain and prevent injury.” 

Kane Podiatry is located at 7393 Broadview Road, Suite F, in Seven Hills. Parking is ample. Dr. Kane and Dr. Baracz are board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. The practice accepts almost all insurances and does not charge additional facility fees. Call 216-642-3668 to make an appointment, or visit to find out more.