Smiles by White’s new interactive Invisalign Experience offers an easy, no-pressure way to enhance your smile

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Smiles by White’s new concept orthodontic practice boasts a high-energy, modern vibe softened by large-scale photography and beautiful brown and blue-hued tile flooring. Dr. John White’s practice in Rocky River is the first and only doctor-owned Invisalign Experience location in the country. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

When you walk into the new Invisalign Experience at Smiles by White, it feels more like an Apple retail store than an orthodontic office and for good reason.

The former executive behind such tech powerhouses as Apple and Tesla consulted with Align Technology, the manufacturer of clear aligners, to bring high-tech touches to the orthodontic office. And Dr. John White, a local orthodontist who is in the top 1% of Invisalign providers worldwide, is leading that innovation.

Always forward-thinking, this dynamic orthodontist opened a new concept practice in Rocky River with a high-energy, modern vibe softened by large-scale photography and beautiful brown and blue-hued tile flooring. It is the first and only doctor-owned Invisalign Experience office in the country.

Changing the way patients interact with their orthodontist and enhance their smiles—with Skype and FaceTime consultations and a Dental Monitoring phone app available for those too busy for office visits—Smiles by White’s new office is located in a retail setting where consumers shop and dine, as opposed to an office building, making it a perfect place to stop in and browse.

“We are providing a convenient, interactive retail experience for consumers to learn about the Invisalign treatment process and take the first steps toward a better smile,” says Dr. White, noting there are jars of free bubble gum and hard candies in the lobby to remind patients they don’t have to give up the foods they love when wearing clear aligners.

Unlike a traditional orthodontic office, you don’t need an appointment. You can just stop in and find out what your new smile could look like in minutes. The staff takes a complimentary, digital 3D scan of your teeth using an intraoral scanner and virtual treatment planning software to show you options on how they can improve your smile.

“If someone is interested in getting more details after their free scan, they can consult with the doctor,” says Dr. White.

“And if we are with another patient when they stop in for their free scan and don’t have time to wait, we can do a consultation on Skype or FaceTime on a mobile device or computer at a later time.”

“It’s all about making orthodontics more convenient and affordable. Oftentimes cost is a barrier for some who want or need orthodontics,” says Dr. White, who also has established orthodontic practices in Hudson and Northfield Center and is a professor at Case Western Reserve University.

“At this new center, we don’t require a large down payment. You can start treatment with a $99 down payment, and we offer interest-free payment plans.”

The Invisalign Experience is comprised of a demonstration lobby area, where you can touch and feel aligners and scanners and watch videos, two scan rooms with tooth brush bars, and three treatment rooms with large computer screens to display the treatment options.

“While most people think of teenagers when talking about orthodontics, more than half my practice is comprised of adults who want to straighten their teeth but don’t want to wear braces,” says Dr. White.

“Anyone we can treat with braces, we can treat with Invisalign—making it an ideal choice for all ages, including young children. There are an estimated 50 million people who could improve their smile and dental health with orthodontics, but only three to four million a year are actually treated because people simply don’t want to wear metal braces. But now with Invisalign, the possibilities are endless. Our goal is to make our patients healthier and happier. After all, you connect with people with your smile.”

The Invisalign Experience at Smiles by White is located at 19358 Detroit Road in Rocky River. Stop in Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call them at 440-596-5060. Hudson and Northfield Center locations are open by appointment only. Check out for all hours and location information.