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IT support for your business with Proper Access

With leaner staffing numbers and higher expenses, businesses are trying to come up with ways to get the most bang for their bucks. IT is an area that consistently demands that a business either employ a highly paid, in-house person who knows all the ins and outs of what makes servers, workstations, internet, printers and other techie stuff work,...

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Proper Access can unwrap a solution this holiday season when the latest and greatest electronics turn into problems

The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care in hopes that a new Nest thermostat, Ring door camera system and flat screen TV soon will be there. But what do you do once those complex tech gadgets arrive? The latest and greatest electronics turn into problems under the tree when the thrill of unwrapping them has worn off. You grab the...

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No dead zones with a Proper Access system

If you sit in front of the window in your living room and tilt your head to the left while balancing on one foot, you definitely get good internet connectivity. But if you try to get that same connectivity, say, out on your back patio, forget it. You’re in a dead zone. Buying 1,000 gigs of internet speed doesn’t help if you only get 50...

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The insecurity of cameras

With stories on the rise about packages being swiped from porches, online ordering has suddenly become risky. To combat that, and to monitor what happens on the outside of the home, more and more people are opting to have security cameras installed. The problem is, those security cameras are less than secure. Click to order an outdoor...

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Forever your WiFi

While it’s great to have the latest and greatest tech gadgets, upgrading can be a pain. Just when you finished paying off your last iPhone, the newest version drops—and the upgrade cycle starts all over again. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something tech-related and have it last for years…and years? At Proper Access, we...

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