Save money on small group insurance

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Offering health benefits can help you to attract and retain talent, keeping you more competitive in the marketplace.

By Carl Lishing, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

Providing insurance coverage for employees can take a bite out of earnings. Your pocket or theirs, someone is going to feel the pinch. But offering health benefits can help you to attract and retain talent, keeping you more competitive in the marketplace.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency offers small group insurance for employers with as few as one or two employees up to 50 employees. Last year, a product was introduced that could help employees save on premium costs.

These plans could offer more savings than a non-underwritten plan, depending on certain qualifications. It’s likely you won’t have to sacrifice your current level of coverage to enjoy the savings.

Your employees will still enjoy coverage for preventative care, and they’ll still be a part of a strong network. All traditional group benefits remain in play.

We can sit down together to review your plan options, available carriers and deductibles to find the mix that works best for your team. Often you’ll enjoy a more cost-effective fit by making changes. Small group coverage could be the answer to offering your employees access to more hospital systems, too.

The opportunity to make a change is available anytime during the year, so now might be a perfect time to switch. Many companies offer deductible carryover, so you and your team won’t lose out on money that’s already been spent on healthcare.

Give me a call and we’ll arrange a time to go over all of the options.

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