Picking the perfect vino

Art Nowg Nov 2020
Red wines are a popular choice for Thanksgiving.

By Mary Malik

Even though Thanksgiving celebrations may look a little different this year, don’t let Covid-19 ruin all the fun. There’s still plenty of things to be thankful for and sharing the perfect wine with your guests is one of them.

“Every year around this time, wine shop owners are asked for recommendations for ‘the best wine for Thanksgiving dinner,’” says Jim Sperk, of the Northern Ohio Wine Guild. “There are many answers to this question based on the individual’s own taste, the number of guests for dinner, the theme for the dinner, and the budget.”

For many of us, a typical Thanksgiving celebration means several different bottles of wine in order to please everyone at the table. Sparkling wines, dry whites, rosés and light reds are most commonly chosen.

“For many families this year, social distancing might mean fewer chairs around the dinner table,” says Jim. “The budget might also be a bit compromised as well, making it that much more important to choose one or two perfect bottles.”

Jim says that most wine experts tend to suggest red wines that are fruity and low in tannins, with Pinot Noir being the primary choice. Others are Beaujolais, Zinfandel, Grenache, Cinsault and sometimes Cabernet Franc.

“If a Cab Franc is your choice for Thanksgiving, you may want to pick up an extra bottle to celebrate Cabernet Franc Day the very next week on December 4. It’s always good to be prepared.”

For information on the Northern Ohio Wine Guild, contact Jim Sperk at tinymoonwines@usa.net.