OsteoStrong is reversing osteoporosis

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With sweat-free, pain-free and drug-free sessions at OsteoStrong, you really can reverse osteoporosis. Clients (left to right), Barbara Hami, David Ricketts and Joanne Litwinick share their inspiring stories. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Patricia Nugent

Would you rather live in a house built on sand or on stone?

Pretty easy answer if you want it to last, withstanding the test of time and whatever storms may come your way.

The same goes for your skeleton. It has the crucial job of housing your body. You’d literally be nowhere without it.

But beyond just drinking milk when you were a kid because you were told it would help you grow, we give little thought to our ability to strengthen bones as adults. 

At OsteoStrong, the goal is to generate new, healthy bone tissue through the application of pressure. With convenient locations in Bainbridge, Willoughby and Chardon, the studios offer a revolutionary system that strengthens the musculoskeletal system and improves a person’s functionality and flexibility. 
Clients only have to come in once a week for a 15-minute session. The experience is sweat free, pain free and pharmaceutical free. 


Spurring Your Body to Rebuild Bone

Each session begins with you standing on the Whole Body Vibe Plate. Gentle vibrations reach muscles and joints not usually affected through conventional training, causing micro-contractions and stimulating the nervous system. 

Then you move through four growth triggers on the OsteoStrong system that spur the body’s adaptive response to rebuild bone and muscle tissue. A coach helps clients through each exercise to make sure the machine is calibrated correctly and their form is correct.


After that, the client heads back to the vibration plate, then onto an ultra-relaxing HydroMassage table, which is filled with soothing cushions of water that gently massage specific points on the body.

There is significant clinical data, charts, reports and statistics that verify OsteoStrong works.


But nothing is more convincing than hearing someone’s story. I sat down with three current members at OsteoStrong and listened to their stories—a former athlete battling chronic injuries, a controller who is dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, and a nurse who developed osteoporosis at a relatively young age.

David Ricketts, Concord Township, age 56
“I was up to 800 mg of Ibuprofen twice a day for chronic pain in my shoulders and knees. Playing team softball for the past 25-plus years took its toll on my body, especially my knees since I’m a catcher. An MRI showed I had a tear on my left rotator cuff and a bone spur on my right one. My knees were in so much pain I could hardly go up and down stairs without them buckling. And I had begun to have balance issues as well. I heard about OsteoStrong and thought I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot. It’s been life-changing. Though I was skeptical at first that just one session a week would have a profound effect on my body, it did. I am by nature a very competitive person and find these sessions have helped me get back in the game. Today I am pain free, medication free and feel better than ever.”
Barbara Hami, Beachwood, 60-something
“As a full-time nurse, when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after suffering from an arm fracture three years ago, I went over the data and evaluated my numbers. I researched alternatives to taking medication for the condition and OsteoStrong came up, so I made an appointment. The sessions are relaxing and fun. I look forward to coming here on Saturday mornings. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to stand on the vibration plate. You feel as if you’re being jiggled from the inside out. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating, and preps you for the session. The warm water massage at the end of my visits is also ultra soothing. But for me, the most important aspect that keeps me coming back is the data. My last bone scan was back to normal.”
Joanne Litwinick, Huntsburg, age 64
“I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 15 years, and osteoporosis for the past two years. I work full time as a controller at a local plumbing contractor. When I heard about OsteoStrong and the power it had to strengthen people’s bones, I thought, now is the time—I’m not getting any younger. I didn’t want to go on medication to address my bone density loss. The weekly sessions fit perfectly into my very busy schedule. They weren’t strenuous and I was never sore. After just one year, when I underwent another bone scan, it was back to what it was 10 years ago. I was amazed. I have increased well-being and functionality as well.”

OsteoStrong locations include Bainbridge, at 8582 E. Washington Road at the corner of Route 306, 440-591-5060; in Willoughby at 5900 SOM Center Road, 440-516-1119; and in Chardon at 520 5th Avenue, #4, 440-286-1488. The Willoughby location is owned by Bill and Stacey Atterbury and the Bainbridge and Chardon locations are owned by Van and Stacie Brower. For more information, call or visit OsteoStrongNEO.com. Franchising opportunities are available. Contact Van and Stacie if interested, as they are regional developers for Ohio.