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Kitchens at Northeast Factory Direct start just under $1,899. Home furnishings are priced well below regular retail.

By Beth Newcomb

While any time is a good time to pull it together in the kitchen, January is “National Get Organized” month. Shining a spotlight on creative ways to keep the clutter to a minimum and still maintain optimal efficiency is Angelo Lardomita, lead kitchen designer at Northeast Factory Direct.

“People spend up to an hour a day looking for things they’ve misplaced,” says Angelo “That represents as many as 15 days a year wasted because we can’t find what we’re looking for.”

The key to getting and staying organized in the kitchen, he notes, is developing and then sticking to a system. It also pays to invest in cabinetry and accessories that promote your new propensity for streamlined meal prep.


“Lazy Susan cabinets are a perfect way to find what you’re looking for,” Angelo says. “They are easy to clean and you can keep a lot of items within reach just by turning the shelf. They are also an excellent way to make an awkward corner in a kitchen design more functional.”

If you tend to lean toward the bound book version rather than relying on a recipe app for the preparation of mouthwatering meals, open shelving is an ideal way to keep cookbooks neatly organized and at your fingertips. Plus, shelving can add interest to your kitchen design by keeping the eye moving.

Angelo also suggests storing items by use, with things like everyday dishes at eye level and special-occasion items up above. If you have the available height, opting for taller cabinets in a new kitchen design is a bright idea, he says. Beneath the countertop, a designated area for pots and pans near the stove helps to define your cooking zone.


“Oversized cabinet drawers make ideal storage spaces for these items,” Angelo notes. “The same goes for plastic food containers. Keeping them in a large drawer makes them easy to find and grab when you need to stash leftovers. Plus, it’s easier to match the lid with the piece because you aren’t having to move items around on a shelf.”

If it’s been a while since you organized your cupboards, or if you’re considering embarking on a kitchen remodel, now is a perfect time to pull everything out of each cabinet, sift through it and discard or donate items that aren’t really necessary. Angelo suggests only keeping the things you love and use regularly.

Of course wrapped around any well-organized kitchen is a solid design plan, something Angelo and his team specialize in.

“Creating a design that incorporates everything you want and need but still represents a budget-friendly solution is our focus,” he says. “No matter what you pay, a kitchen is still an investment. Make sure your design reflects the seriousness of that. Including things like organizational items and storage solutions in your plan from the start is key.”

At Northeast Factory Direct, the versatile line of semi-custom cabinetry means your designer can create a gorgeous blend of cabinet sizes that put function at the forefront, without sacrificing on style and beauty.

And while a lot of talented designers can create beautiful, organized spaces on paper, the biggest difference between purchasing your cabinets at NEFD and buying someplace else really comes down to price.

NEFD will give you the free design they create so you can price shop the competition. Why? Because they know you’ll be back.

“No matter what your personal style, complete kitchens at Northeast Factory Direct start under $1,899,” Angelo says. “Our line of U.S. made, fully assembled and ready-to-install cabinetry is constructed as it’s ordered. We create a design that’s unique to your home and then take field measurements to make sure our concept works within your space.”


The cabinetry selection at Northeast Factory Direct includes all of the components needed to create the perfect kitchen, like wall pantries, over cabinets, super lazy Susan corner bases, soft-close wall and base cabinets, glass doors, wine and plate racks, toe kicks, wall and base fills, crown molding and blind base units. Cabinets are available in heights of 30, 36 and 42 inches, with sink bases of up to 36 inches.

Granite countertops are available at just $49 per foot installed. NEFD also has a huge selection of flooring, including carpeting.

Angelo suggests scheduling an appointment so your designer can be sure to dedicate his or her attention exclusively to you. Kitchen design services are offered at both the east and west side locations, and attractive vignettes highlighting the most popular design choices of today are featured.

Northeast Factory Direct has two locations. Find them at 3321 W. 140th Street in Cleveland. The phone number is 216-941-7727. In Eastlake the address is 33599 Curtis Blvd., and the phone number is 440-942-7945. Hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; other times by appointment. Get directions from anywhere when you visit the website at NortheastFactoryDirect.com. You can shop anytime, but for immediate service an appointment is best.

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