Minkin's Music: The final playlist

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By Jay Minkin, Minkin's Music

The final playlist is something that folks keep close to the heart. A thread through social media that became a topic on NPR hit home with this writer. If I hear a song and embrace the lyrics to the point of tears, then it becomes nominated for Closing Ceremonies.

The abbreviated list includes an acoustic version of “My Death Waits,” by David Bowie from Santa Monica ‘72, the Agora ‘78 concert of Todd Rundgren, “Dream Goes On Forever,” the Agora ‘78 musical storytelling introduction of “Thunder Road,” by Bruce Springsteen, and the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert with guitarists named McGuinn, Petty, Clapton, Young and Harrison, along with Bob doing a verse of “My Back Pages.”

Knowing death was eminent, Warren Zevon gave us “Keep Me In Your Heart,” and Gregg Allman sang “Going, Going, Gone” with his last breath. If you remember where you were when John Lennon died, then you’ll understand why The Beatles “In My Life” made the cut.

The first play on the jukebox is “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,” by The Rolling Stones, followed by U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name.” The Pretenders’ “Back on the Chain Gang,” and Alex Bevan’s “Rodeo Rider” were easy, but Neil Young was tough and “One of These Days” won out.

Americana additions include Emmylou Harris’ “All My Tears,” Gram Parsons’ “In My Hour of Darkness,” the Flying Burrito Brothers’ “Wheels,” Ryan Adams’ “My Winding Wheel,” Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up,” Jamey Johnson’s “Live Forever,” Mike Farris’ “Sit Down Servant,” The Band’s “The Weight,” and Waylon Jennings’ “Dreaming My Dreams With You.”

With my clock striking 59 this year, too many friends and family have been experiencing death lately, so this column is dedicated to them—especially Joseph, Todd and Victor.

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