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By Jay Minkin, Minkin's Music

My head would turn every time to see who was singing “Rhinestone Eyes,” one of the hot new singles from Shooter Jennings’ latest LP called Shooter. When I happened to see the vinyl LP in August, something inside said “grab this.” What I purchased could be the best release of the year.

Produced by Dave Cobb, the black-and-white image of Shooter mirrors the iconic Lonesome, On’ry and Mean by his dad, Waylon. The album kicks off with “Bound ta Git Down,” a honky tonk blues number featuring a blazing horn section. An instant classic titled “Do You Love Texas?” was released as an early single to raise money for the Rebuild Texas Fund after hurricane Harvey hit the Lone Star state. “Living in a Minor Key” was written for George Jones, followed by “D.R.U.N.K.,” making it a true country record. Shooter’s voice shines on the slow burn “Shades & Hues,” which closes side one.

Side two brings the heat, with three successive radio hits beginning with the old-school country rockin’ “I’m Wild & My Woman Is Crazy.” A phrase used in correspondence from actor Randy Quaid became the title for the spotlight dance single “Fast Horses & Good Hideouts,” which has hints of Billy Joel. “Rhinestone Eyes” takes the album to the stratosphere, a tribute to Shooter’s wife, Misty, that now I’ll sing to myself out of the blue. The final song, “Denim & Diamonds,” is a murky and muddy soulful piece that describes a hard-working woman who looks forward to her well-deserved night off.

Shooter is an album that not only defines Outlaw roots, but also has the cojones to lead the charge for how country music should still be presented. Some place in heaven, Waylon and Hank must be kickin’ back with a grin.

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