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By Jay Minkin, Minkin's Music

A full-time teacher of choir and music at an area middle school, Rachel Brown slips into her polka dress and places a flower in her hair on select nights to the delight of her adoring audience. 

But even with a heavy schedule, the wonderful and gifted pianist continues to write songs with her band, The Beatnik Playboys. They released their third album, Look Who’s Back, in September.

Brown’s family encompasses multi-generations of musicians, from her parents and aunts to her two children. Her previous releases, Just Look My Way (2013) and Once Again (2014), were as exceptional as anything coming out of Nashville, Austin, New York or anywhere else. The diversity and range found on a Rachel Brown record defines her as a true artist with a palette to paint an American songbook.  

The title track is a silly little sassy song that takes you to the dance floor. A waltz-shuffle ballad, “Texas Moon” was inspired by a trip to Gruene Hall that paints a picture of the Lone Star state. “This Old Place” is filled with lots of tears and memories inspired by a family that grew up in Brown’s home during the ‘50’s and stopped by to take one last look during a family reunion. The beautiful gospel torch song, “Acceptance,” resonates with the life theme that when things don’t go as planned, don’t fight it. You’ll fall in love with the outlaw country ballad “Blue Diamond,” but it’s Brown letting go of the sweetness in “Blinders” that has an out-of-control intensity. A sweet folk song dedicated to her son, “Hey My Child” is most special of all, with Brown on acoustic guitar and her son backing on vocals. 

To order the album and for additional information, visit RachelAndTheBeatnikPlayBoys.com

Contact Jay at Blues4Bird@aol.com or post on his Minkin’s Music Facebook page.  

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