Mentor Public Schools: Accolades for Brentwood Elementary School

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Here’s how Brentmoor Elementary School garnered its latest round of applause.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

Teachers don’t always get the recognition they so richly deserve. 

But at Brentmoor Elementary School, the teachers, administrators, parents and students thought enough of their educational culture to go through a lengthy evaluation process with the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA) in Columbus to be recognized as a 2017 Hall of Fame School.

After nearly a year of brainstorming, assigning issues to teachers and staff, and completing an extensive evaluation application documenting the effectiveness of its educational program in several areas, as well as hosting an on-site visitation team from the organization, the school received the thrilling news in April, making Brentmoor one of only nine schools in the state to receive this auspicious honor.

“Winning this award is an affirmation of what we have accomplished and a reflection of all the hard work put in by faculty and parents,” says Principal Pam Hutto, who traveled to Columbus last summer to receive the award. 

“As a Title 1 school, making sure we are reaching all students is a priority. We strive endlessly to create an environment in which the students feel safe, happy and engaged.”


In addition to the prestige of being named a Hall of Fame School, Brentmoor also received $1,000 to enrich its offerings.

“One of our programs that the OAESA committees mentioned specifically was grouping our K-5th grade students into four ‘houses,’ like from Harry Potter, that emphasize pillars of character—compassion, respect, responsibility and cooperation,” she reports. 

“Throughout the school year, the students earn points for demonstrating these traits. There’s a celebration for the house that earns the most points. It’s about creating leaders and at the same time building a family-like atmosphere for our students.”

The house program started last year, and this year they are building on it by having each class create a mission statement. Students gather at monthly meetings where they can dig deeper into methods for developing leadership skills.

All of the extra effort made an impact on the OAESA. According to one committee member who reviewed the school’s application, “Brentmoor Elementary provides a nurturing culture for students to learn and grow. Innovative practices help students to be creative problem solvers and transfer knowledge across disciplines.”

And this distinction is one of several the school has received. Last year and this year, Principal Hutto reports they also won the Momentum Award from the state.

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The Mentor School system educates 7,660 students from pre-K to 12th grade in eight elementary schools, three middle schools, one high school and one school for students with autism. This column is sponsored by Edward Jones Financial Advisor Stacey A. Smaretsky. For updates, visit