Meet a ‘relaxation expert’

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Medina's The Place guarantees satisfaction; if a client isn’t satisfied with their tub, we go back to the drawing board, design another, and swap it out.

By Donerae Testa, The Place

Hot tub therapy has given me my life back. As a fibromyalgia sufferer, I know how fatigue and muscle aches can sideline a life. My own health challenges—coupled with my studying the hot tub industry as a co-owner of our family-owned company for 36 years—have created a unique opportunity to share my knowledge and improve the quality of life for so many seeking relief. 

I don’t like taking pain medications, and with regular hot tub therapy, I rarely have to. I often start or end my day with a wellness session. In the morning, the warm water loosens my stiff muscles as I stretch and get energized for the day. In the evening, my hot tub relaxes me and my stress melts away as I enjoy the night sky. 

Many of our clients have experienced their own life-altering results. In the months to come, I will introduce you to some of them and share their stories of how the hot tub we helped them choose has improved their lives.

Not all spas are the same, and it’s difficult for a consumer to make the right choice unassisted. If you suffer from back pain, for example, you’ll need different water therapy than if you suffer from poor leg circulation or arthritis. The power and placement of the jets are critical. Water depth and space for movement are also important, especially if you need to avoid the stress of traditional land exercise in favor of gravity-free underwater stretching and exercising.

New clients often tell us that they searched the internet and shopped around only to end up more confused. Then they found us. We educate and guide them to the size, design, jet layout, power, and brand for the perfect “fit.” Clients can even come in for a private, pre-purchase therapy session before buying. We guarantee satisfaction; if a client isn’t satisfied with their tub, we go back to the drawing board, design another, and swap it out. 

Come see me. Let’s inquire into whether or not a properly fit hot tub can improve your life as it has improved mine.

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