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Westlake Dental Associates is ready to welcome you back to an effective oral health routine, without judgment

After the challenging year we’ve all had, Dr. Chrys Constantinou, Dr. Jessica Reichard and Dr. Allyson McClendon, of Westlake Dental Associates, agree the last thing any of us need right now is more uncertainty. “We greatly enjoy seeing our patients’ smiling faces, and it’s a blessing to help them keep their mouths healthy and...

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With the Williams Landscaping & Pavers’ Total Care Program, you never have to worry about maintaining your outdoor living space

Williams Landscaping & Pavers makes time for you and your family by taking time for its Total Care Program. “It’s more than a warranty that guarantees everything will be good,” says Owner Brian Williams. “You’ll still hear from us to make sure things stay good. When we complete an outdoor living space or landscape, we’re grounded...

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Make your Put-in-Bay escape

When it comes to carefree family getaways, let’s face it, last summer was a bust. Now that we are all itching for a little do-over and 2020 is in the rearview mirror, why not put getaway plans back on top of your to-do list? According to travel experts, this is the summer of the old-fashioned road trip. People are longing for wide-open...

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Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center provides a next-level indoor and outdoor appliance buying experience

Recently, I heard about a grilling event being held at Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center. They’ve been open for two years now and smashing sales records every month, despite Covid-19. Needless to say, it was time for a visit. Grills and More GrillsAs promised, there were cooking and grilling demonstrations that included some...

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Nothing can hold you back from your potential, and Healthy Attractions has the tools to get you there

During the past year of pandemic, many people forged new negative habits, or defaulted to prior ones. Not surprisingly, health and life coach Heather Kuchar, founder of Healthy Attractions wellness studio in Fairlawn, has been in demand. Her programs provide a support system for men and women to regain their well-being. “Never...

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