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When it's time to leave home

Len and Ellie Stitt’s active lifestyle, filled with walks to Coe Lake, exercise classes and a diet based on freshly prepared foods, can be accredited to the enviable shape they are in. At 87 and 90 years old, they look and act decades younger than they should.  The upbeat parents to eight, grandparents to 24 and great-grandparents to 12 say...

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The deck maintenance experts

Trends come and go but one thing is for certain, we Americans love our decks. No matter where you travel—north, south, east or west, to the mountains or to the shore—a great many of the country’s most spectacular homes feature a deck to take in the beautiful scenery and to function as the epicenter for outdoor family life. Granted, most...

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Fit Kids classes at Empowering Punch

The key to getting most kids to exercise is to make exercise fun, insists Danyl Scianna, who, with her husband, Paul, owns Empowering Punch, Strongsville’s unique boxing-based workout center. “You’re probably not going to get a kid to run on a treadmill,” Danyl observes. “But put a pair of boxing gloves on them and it’s a different...

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Destination: Your own backyard

Living in Northeast Ohio, we tend to neglect our outdoor living spaces. Then late May rolls around and the sun shines, temperatures rise and we emerge from our homes to find an outdoor space that’s not so inviting. American Home and Energy Products in Painesville, has everything to create the outdoor living area you’ve been dreaming of all...

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Super clean!

The folks at Pristine Clean report they received a positive response to “The Adventures of Pristine Clean, Vol. 1, No.1” comic introduced in April 2017's Mimi Magazine and continued this month. Within the two-page illustration, called “Pristine Clean vs. Winter Grime,” a classic good triumphing over evil drama takes place, ending...

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