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A Final Thought: Cancer is pissing me off

Cancer is really starting to piss me off. It’s like this quirky cousin who’s continually knocking us upside the head for no reason or sticking his foot out to trip us just for fun. He takes our ATM card when we aren’t looking and wipes out our savings. He knows our PIN number because he’s a sneaky b**tard. He borrows the car then comes...

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High-tech, leading-edge renovations of three iconic shoe stores is making SouthPark Mall the destination for footwear in Northeast Ohio

Lucky Shoes isn’t resting on its 100-year-old laurels. And shoppers visiting Strongsville’s SouthPark Mall will discover that Lucky Shoes is celebrating its centennial anniversary with big changes. “As we celebrate our past this year, we’re also continuing to innovate for the future,” explains John Luck, fourth-generation president...

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Repairing luxury brand appliances is a job for the pros at Home Appliance Sales & Service

Appreciating the finer things in life means appreciating fine design, precision-crafted mechanicals, an attention to detail and cutting-edge technology that’s often years before its time. Appreciating those finer things often also means maintenance may be a bit more involved, and when the need for repairs arises, a more skilled hand will most...

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Howard Hanna Realtor Amy Hoes and her team are red hot

The spring season—one of the hottest times of year for home selling—came early this year for Amy Hoes. In fact, the seasoned Howard Hanna real estate agent reports her close rate has been red-hot since just after the first of the year. “It seems like we never slowed down this winter; there’s been so much activity,” she says,...

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Perk up your pucker

As we age, says Dr. Laurel Matthews, the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar who is also a master injector, the corners of our lips disappear, making us look like our face is caving in and our jowls are sagging. Adding filler to the corners of the mouth can instantly improve the entire lower portion of the face. “Filler in the lips isn’t...

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