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Squeeze every drop of joy out of Northeast Ohio’s beautiful summers with a project from Exscape Designs

You’ve finished the interior of your home and now you’re ready to turn your attention to the outside, where—with the right design—you can enjoy resort-style living from April through October right in your own backyard. That’s right, you don’t actually have to live in Malibu to enjoy the Malibu lifestyle. Imagine gorgeous...

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Here’s how Fitness Together helped one man get ready for golf season

Fitness Together is celebrating its one-year anniversary by putting some game back in your game—and giving away a swing evaluation at GolfTEC in North Olmsted—for anyone who joins now through the end of April. “We knew the folks in Bay Village would be a perfect fit with our formula of science-based, one-on-one training in...

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Bob Dalrymple may never become an Olympic curler, but that doesn’t mean he can’t train like one

Over the past decade, the ingenious, nationally certified trainers at Fitness Together have customized winning fitness plans for every age, every conceivable demographic, from teens to seniors, Olympic athletes to couch potatoes. But when Bob Dalrymple walked through their doors looking for help with his balance, flexibility and endurance on...

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Mary wanted to improve muscle tone and energy, so she turned to MaxStrength Fitness to get there

The profound impact of strength training is having a moment. A recent study suggests that lifting weights protects you against heart attacks and strokes better than running or cycling. Conducted by researchers at St. George’s University, the study analyzed data from 4,086 adults. It found a connection between muscle-building exercise...

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Here’s how you can rid your home of the winter crud and enjoy, a bright, fresh, clean-smelling environment

As much as winter wreaks havoc on the exterior world—destroying our roads and damaging our landscaping—it also takes its toll on the interior of our homes. After all, we’re stuck inside from December to March as our living spaces suffer a slow build-up of dust, grease, grime, mud, salt, pet hair, cobwebs, illness-spreading...

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