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​ Your beautifully finished garage can become the ultimate storage and entertaining star, under the direction of EncoreGarage.​

By Ken McEntee

Considering the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ inability to simply announce the correct Oscar winner for best picture last month, one shouldn’t be surprised that A Garage Stuck in the Past was curiously snubbed from nomination in the category of Best Silent Film.

Perhaps the unfortunate story of the Smith couple’s battle over which of them should organize their cluttered garage—playing exclusively on the website of EncoreGarage Ohio—was deemed too sensitive for the average homeowner.

Spoiler alert: Fortunately, in traditional Hollywood fashion, the film’s protagonist—Encore owner Mike Padden—rides into town and saves the day.

Just as silent, black and white films gave way over time to color talkies, Mike says the tradition of neighborly front porch visits has given way to hanging out in the garage.

“The garage is usually the largest room in the house, and increasingly a social area,” Mike notes. “Neighbors who might not come to your front door will approach you while you’re relaxing in the garage.”

Transforming your cluttered, oil-stained garage into the ultimate storage—and entertaining—space is as easy as making a call to Encore, Mike promises.

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary of serving Northeast Ohio residents and businesses, Encore offers advanced floor coating, cabinetry and organizer systems.

“We’re a one-stop shop for floor-to-ceiling garage enhancement and renovation,” Mike explains. “When people see what we can do, they see their garage in a whole new light.”

Many garage upgrades begin by restoring the floor. Although we got off relatively easy this year, Northeast Ohio winters can be brutal on a concrete floor.

“The salty slush that drops off your car eventually eats away at the concrete, causing unsightly chipping and cracking,” Mike says. “It can get really ugly in a short period of time.”

Contrary to what movie stars might believe, looks aren’t everything.

Encore’s Flex-Core advanced polymer floor coating not only beautifies your garage floor, but also protects it from damage.


“It is seamless and non-porous, so liquids can’t seep down and attack the concrete below,” Mike explains. “It is stain resistant—even against oil and grease—and couldn’t be easier to maintain. All you need is a hose and a squeegee to keep the floor looking like new for many years.”

The coating is so rugged and attractive, Mike says, that it has commanded Encore performances on Cleveland Metroparks projects.

“We have a nearly unlimited variety of colors and patterns,” he says. “We can do a sports fan’s colors of choice. But most people stick with earth tones and trendy gray hues that complement the décor of their home.”

Because the garage is often the entry point of the home, an attractive, organized garage—free of clutter—creates a good first impression.

“It’s the first thing people see, but it’s often the last frontier of home remodeling,” Mike says.

“Our rugged, garage-grade cabinets are available in numerous styles, configurations and sizes, from simple to elaborate layouts. We always design based on individual needs. Choose from beautiful woodgrain, metallic and solid color finishes to complete the look.”

Mike says Encore makes it simple—and affordable—to organize and transform your garage into an attractive, multi-purpose space. 

“In many cases it costs less than what people pay to remodel a half bathroom,” he insists.

You can find out more by grabbing some popcorn, logging on to, and enjoying the feature presentation of A Garage Stuck in the Past. Then peruse the rest of the website to learn more about how you can turn your garage into more than just a place to park. 

EncoreGarage of Ohio is located at 1570 Akron Peninsula Road, Suite 6, in Akron. You can call Encore at 330-922-4411 to schedule a free on-site consultation, or visit  

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