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5-Minute Outdoor Lighting: Mr. Level founder Joe Work is introducing another innovative way to save money at home

A few of the nicer behavioral shifts that happened during the pandemic look like they are here to stay. With so much time spent at home, we’ve fostered a stronger appreciation for our abodes, and have been investing in domestic betterment, indoors and out. “Over the past two years, people have been doing more home renovation, pool...

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Purchase women-produced coffee at Fig Leaf Coffee Company

Growing and processing coffee requires hard work and the ability to follow processing instructions. Sounds simple enough, but why are some sources better at it than others and how do we choose? At Fig Leaf Coffee, we conduct a blind sampling of each coffee we source in order to eliminate bias, and instead focus on the coffee profiles and...

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Meet the Artist: Mandy Spisak, Retro Revival

“Everything old is new again” is certainly evident in local artist Mandy Spisak’s resourceful and gorgeous mosaics, created entirely with upcycled materials. Primarily inspired by nature, Mandy’s passion for mosaics blossomed during the pandemic lockdown when she was unable to go to her studio to create. Like her fellow artists, she...

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A Final Thought: A Conversation With My Grandson

“Poppy, when are my mommy and daddy coming home?” “Next Wednesday. They went to Montana to spread your Grandpa John’s ashes in Glacier National Park.” “I know. He passed away when I was a baby. Poppy, do you miss your father?” “Yes, I do. Every day.” “When did he die?” “Back in...

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What’s new in luxury vinyl

The original luxury vinyl tile and plank innovator, Coretec has just released its new offerings for 2022. Holding tight to its “first” and “best” honor, the newest styles of Coretec luxury vinyl plank and tile continue to represent. In addition to new and beautiful colors and textures, like woodgrain and tile looks, the company has...

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