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MDG Flooring America puts customers, and its core values, first

“Every decision we make has to pass the test of our core values,” insists Scott Powers, sales manager at MDG Flooring America, in Medina. “For example, when we’re deciding about a product to bring into the showroom, do we want to buy cheap products to sell cheap? Would that meet our core values? How would that impact our core value of...

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At Blue Heron Brewery, Tuesdays are for tacos and Wednesdays are for affordable date-night dining

Wednesday may be thought of as the free agent among all the days of the week. It really doesn’t belong to last weekend, and Thursday tends to be the day when we start to get into the mood for next weekend. So maybe Wednesday should be thought of as a celebration unto itself. At least that’s the way it is at Blue Heron Brewery, where...

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A Final Thought: Virtual Reality

My father’s sister died on December 30 and on January 6 I found myself in a suit and tie lifting her casket onto the steel rollers in the back of a hearse in Phenix City, Alabama. I had to go to the funeral; she was my father’s only sibling and one of the sweetest people I have ever known—and the last of a generation except for her...

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Get your six-pack back

After more than three years of offering the revolutionary TruSculpt iD at her Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, the rave reviews for Dr. Laurel and her fat-melting procedure continue to pile up. One patient had this to say, “Dr. Laurel is awesome. The minute I met her I felt like we were friends for years. She is extremely smart and knowledgeable...

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No hassle and no waiting for your new flooring project

Right now, we have hundreds of thousands of square feet of high-quality inventory ready to be installed. Because when you shop at Floorz, you get the power of a business that’s prepared to give you more. Our new warehouse location in Brecksville means we can keep more inventory on hand, and you don’t have to worry about supply chain...

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