It’s time to shake things up in your home with with Chagrin Home Improvements

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Joe Jacobs, of Chagrin Home Improvements, says proper preparation & application make or break the paint job —and this is where he and his crew shine. They never use subcontractors and the entire crew is not only experienced, but local.

By Mary Malik

Now that you’re back indoors, do you notice anything different about the interior of your home? Maybe it’s time you did. Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, has a crew of expert painters ready to elevate the interior of your home and your mood right along with it. Nothing does that like a fresh paint job.

“The holidays are here, and we all know what comes next—a lot of time indoors,” says Joe. “That’s just life in Northeast Ohio, especially now. Why not make your home a cheerful, welcoming place to be with a new coat of paint? Styles are always changing, and a new paint color is a great way to update your home’s look while improving your disposition.”

Your holidays may be looking different this year, with smaller gatherings in your home with family and friends. However, we all know there’s nothing that adds to the stress of entertaining than feeling like your home isn’t quite guest ready. Joe and his crew can help you with that. They approach every job at your home with expertise, professionalism and attention to detail.

Safety is a high priority at Chagrin Home Improvements. They take every precaution to keep everyone safe. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

Joe says that proper preparation and application make or break a paint job, and this is where he and his crew shine. Everyone is extremely well trained so you can get the longest life out of your investment. And the entire crew is not only local, but most are Joe’s friends and family.

“I’ve known these guys my whole life,” he assures. “And some of us have been working together almost that long. I grew up in a family with lifelong, master painters and you can bet my summers were spent with a brush in hand, learning what it takes to be the best of the best. This focus on perfection is exactly what I built my business on and what my crew brings to every customer’s home.”

Safety is also a high priority at Chagrin Home Improvements. Joe says not to worry about exposure to his crew while they’re working inside your home. They take every precaution to keep everyone safe.

“We are masked, clean and get the job done safely and efficiently,” says Joe. “We seal off the rooms we’re working in to keep dust to a minimum, cut down on exposure and clean up completely at the end of each day. We also won’t start the job and then disappear. You’ll see the same crew every day until the job is finished.”

For the holidays and beyond, isn’t this the year to make a change in your home and get ready for a fresh start? Not many home improvements can do that for the comparatively low investment of time and money like a new paint job.

“Painting is one of the least expensive home improvements you can make, yet it offers one of the greatest returns on your investment,” says Joe. “And talk about a mood booster. Has there ever been a better time for that?”

Calming blues and grays, crisp whites and creams, and vibrant reds, greens and yellows. The possibilities are endless. Come to think of it, did you even choose your wall colors yourself? It’s time to make your home your own.

“It’s time to look to the future of your home and treat yourself and your family to a beautiful new paint job for the holidays and beyond,” says Joe. “And, we’ll get the job done right.”

Call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700 or check the website to get on the schedule.