If you're feeling down, add salt

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Vivify’s salt room and infrared sauna can help shorten illness.

By Patricia Nugent

If you’re sneezing, wheezing, sniffling or shivering, join the club. February is the peak month for colds and flu.

If you start to feel the onset of symptoms, there are steps you can take to catch it early, stay healthy and prevent colds and the flu.

Vivify Wellness at Avenues offers a potent and natural one-two punch to shorten the duration of illness by fighting congestion and improving breathing, as well as prevent it by boosting the immune system.

“Our salt room and infrared sauna remove toxicity from the respiratory system to boost the immune response,” says owner Lisa M. Borchert, M.A. Ed., LPCC.

“Since salt is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it acts as a sponge to the respiratory tract, absorbing mucus, pollutants and allergens. While in our salt room, people breathe in micro-particles of salt, which penetrate deeply in the lungs and airways. After one treatment, you will breathe easier and feel less congested.”

The infrared sauna uses infrared waves to increase the body’s temperature from the inside out.

“In essence, our sauna mimics a fever, raising the body temperature, which boosts metabolism and kicks the immune system into high gear,” she says.

In addition to the health-enhancing salt room and infrared sauna, Vivify also offers a discount on select Young Living Essential Oils and carries an organic whole food supplement line.

Vivify Wellness at Avenues is located within Ghent Square at 843 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road in Fairlawn. Call 330-576-4144, or visit VivifyWellnessAtAvenues.com for more information.